In a presales market moving this fast... Access is Everything

This site is part of a network of websites is operated by Presales Vancouver Associates. We are a team of Realtors. Our presales division negotiates special access and preferred terms for most of the developments we feature. We work hard to build and maintain relationships with developers and marketing companies for the benefit of our clients.

Realtors ARE Welcome To:

Send Us Client Referrals – For most developments we feature, we can offer you and your client preferred access to inventory. We offer an industry standard referral fee of 25% of base commission. The volume bonuses our team achieves are excluded from referral fees unless you refer us 5+ deals for a particular development.

Realtors NOT Welcome To:

Call Or Email Us For Info – We are not a public service agency. If you are a Realtor and require information about a particular development (including the phone number of the presentation centre), please contact the developer directly.

Subscribe To Our Email Lists – If you are a Realtor, do not submit forms on our any of our sites. Please be aware that when Realtors submit forms on our site and answer ‘No’ to the question, ‘Are you a Realtor?”, we report the incidents to managing brokers and the REBGC.

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